Test Prep

Every person learns at their own pace, in their own way. This is especially true when it comes to test prep. Whether you need one session to cover everything at a surface level or a full prep program that drills down into specific topics, we’re prepared to help. From test anxiety to subject matter prep to teaching test-taking strategies, we’ll help you get the foundation you need to sit down on test day with confidence. 

We offer test prep programs as both individual and groups sessions. Get your friends together and study as a group or sit down with us one-on-one for an individualized approach to test prep. Whatever environment you’re comfortable learning in, we provide it.

We offer test prep for a broad range of standardized tests, to help students become comfortable, overcome anxiety, and score higher! Ask us about any tests you need help with.

Test Prep Package

This is great for students looking to improve their ACT or SAT score! We see where you are, figure out your goals, and create a custom plan to get you there.

Benefits of the Test Prep Package:

After going through our program, students should expect to increase their ACT score by 4-11 points and their SAT score by 120-300 points.

First time test takers will experience significantly higher scores with this assistance. We provide practice testing so they can see where they are when they begin working with us compared to where they are just prior to actual testing. 

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions let us cater materials review around each individual person. Through these sessions, you’ll have the ability to learn and review at your pace, ask questions freely, and get individualized help on the topics you might struggle with. We’ll explain things in ways that work for you, so you learn and retain the material in a way that you’re comfortable with. Take a look at why people choose our individual tutoring and test prep sessions:

  • We work to understand any area(s) of difficulty you have with the material
  • We cater our tutoring approach to the student’s specific learning style(s)
  • Our individual sessions cover a full range of standardized tests (ACT, SAT, GRE)

Group Sessions

Put your heads together and learn as a group! Our group sessions are a great way to brush up on subject matter in the company of your friends, in a dynamic, supportive environment. We welcome small groups up to 10 students, which gives us the ability to cover a full range of test questions, while answering questions from individuals. Group test prep is the perfect extension of the classroom environment. Here’s why students love it:

  • Students can study with their friends and classmates, with the oversight of a tutor
  • Group sessions are a great setting for moral support and confidence-boosting
  • Group sessions make learning fun and help engrain knowledge more deeply

ACT Classes

For many students, the ACT is the most important standardized test they’ll take. It’s the key to college admissions and a cornerstone of your high school transcript. To do well on the ACT requires practice, which is why we offer an intensive 8-week prep course every quarter. If you’re gearing up to take the ACT, take a look at some of the reasons students choose our course to help them prepare:

  • Advanced familiarity of test structure and subject matter, for better preparedness
  • Comfort with timed test-taking, including how to smartly spend time on questions
  • Find your strengths and weaknesses by taking sample tests, so you can improve